Another day, A new blog.. — The Introduction Post!

Who is Rae? You might ask as you stumble upon this new blog.  Well, allow me to introduce myself…

My boyfriend and I — March 2013 — Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas

My name is Rachel, but that handsome guy on the left side of me is my amazing boyfriend of 9 months. After years of having various nicknames, he is the one that gave me the nickname of Rae. He is the best guy that I know and if it was not for the Disney College Program, I would have never met him. We met while we were working together at Disney’s Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World. We were friends, then best friends, and now since he’s my boyfriend I can not imagine life without him. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

Before I went to Disney in January 2012, I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Merchandising, Apparel, & Textiles and my minor in Business. Currently, I’m a bridal consultant at a local bridal boutique, but I dream of the day where I have a different career. For now though, I have to say if I cannot make magic for guests at Walt Disney World, helping a bride find her dream wedding gown is a pretty great feeling as well. Not the same as Disney, but what REALLY compares to Disney magic?! My answer: nothing.

On this blog, you can expect highlights from my day along with many other things that interest me. While I was at Disney, I lost between 15 and 20 pounds just by living an active lifestyle. I felt healthier and had more self confidence. Since I have been back, I feel like I have gained that weight back. I have wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle, so this blog is here to possibly help me do it. I am hoping that I can gain some followers, that way I can feel more accountable for doing what I say I will.

Along with the interests above, my Christian faith and food are other things that I will post about. Some days I might post about my boyfriend, my day at work, recipes, reviews, and/or my faith. I am excited to start this new blog and I hope that you will join me as I document about my life.


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