Too many blog post ideas…too little time!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for slacking with the posting, but I’m here now! I noticed that I have gotten a few more followers, so I’m thankful to those of you who have decided to join me! My weekend wasn’t as epic as some blog posts that I’ve read, but nonetheless it was still great!

Here’s a brief day-by-day recap!

Saturday was spent working as a bridal consultant! I enjoy my job for the most part. The boutique that I work at sells prom dresses as well as pretty much anything the bride and bridal party would need for the big day. Normally we are pretty busy on Saturdays, but this weekend we weren’t. I was able to leave early which is always nice! I came home, talked to the boyfriend, and relaxed before going on a walk with my mom since it was nice outside.

Sunday I woke up and went to church. The sermon part of the sermon series “The Story Of The World” which goes into detail about the Creation, Fall, Rescue, and Restoration by studying scripture. It’s a really great series and I actually found a video from the sermon on Sunday on my church’s website! After church, my parents and I went to lunch. Then my mom and I went to Sam’s Club and the mall to look at some things. For future posts it will really help taking pics on my iphone so that I can help document things like the haul that I picked up! Later that night we watched our Sunday night shows: Once Upon A Time and Revenge! Both were great, as usual!

Monday = work day. We weren’t busy so I did some organizing with color swatches, straightened dresses, etc. After work I went to visit my friend who is home from England! Her husband is in the Air Force so they are currently stationed over there. While he was doing some Air Force shenanigans, she came back to Kentucky with her 18 month old. I haven’t met him yet due to him being in her belly the first time and then my adventures in Disney! Let me just say, I still cannot get over how adorable this baby is. He was SUCH a flirt and so happy. He would just let me cuddle with him and wasn’t shy at all for it being the first time that I met him! I told my boyfriend later that I had an 18 month old boyfriend too. Of course he knew I was only kidding 🙂 I hung out with them at my friend’s parent’s house(she grew up a street over from me) so it was nice to catch up. While we were chatting, Callum(the 18 month old) was playing with my phone and somehow turned on the camera. I now have an adorable picture of his face from the nose up. He just wanted me to have a keepsake picture to remember him by. Such a smart kid 😉 After that I came home, hung out with my mom a little and then went to bed!

Tuesday(aka Today even though now it’s techically yesterday) was another work day. I didn’t have to be at work til noon, so I was able to run some errands before work. I went to the bank, the other store location to pick up some prom store transfers(we have multiple locations throughout the state), Jimmy John’s to get my lunch(#11 Country Club with no mayo), and then Chick-Fil-A to get one of my co-workers a sweet tea for her birthday. Seriously, that’s what she wanted! I was more than happy to get her that and I treated myself as well. Nothing too crazy happened at work and we were closed & out the door at closing time! I came home, watched last week’s and this week’s Pretty Little Liars episode.

I don’t know if you all watch that show, but I absolutely love it! The spring finale was SO good and now I might have to rewatch all the seasons before the new one premieres in June! If you like to watch that show as well, leave me a comment! Besides that, I ate dinner, went to the tanning bed, talked to the boyfriend, and lounged around. It’s been a great few days minus the chilly weather. Hopefully spring arrives soon because I’ve got some light pink khaki pants from Gap that I’d love to wear but I don’t feel as if it’s the “right time” yet.

Hopefully that day and warmer weather will come soon! Have a great Wednesday everyone!

~Rachel(or Rae)


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