Blog Advice!

So as I have been browsing around the blog world, I have come to the conclusion that most blogs I have found:

  • A) Have their own web address without the “wordpress” or “blogger” in it.
  • B) Have awesome layouts that were custom designed for them
  • C) Have sponsors, giveaways, etc.

Which leads me to the point of this quick post. I’m interested in all of the above, but where should I start first? I think in order to fully customize your own layout on wordpress, you need to buy something before you can fully customize your design. I wish someone would correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s right from what I can tell.

I’ve found several blog designers that have GREAT work, but I’m not sure which one I should go with. I think it will take some time to get my blog to where I want it, but I’m impatient and excited about this so I want everything to happen now! haha. Anyways, as with my previous post advice would be helpful! Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Blog Advice!

  1. Ok. Briefly. Your, this blog is hosted on You may think, well that’s obvious, but it’s important to understand the difference between a self-hosted WordPress blog and a hosted blog at

    At your design and layout options are somewhat limited. You can use premium templates and you can tweak some CSS and do other tricks with a few short codes and widgets but you do not have the full array of options you would have using a self hosted wordpress platform.

    At you can purchase your own domain, for a yearly fee. You could hire a designer to really work the CSS to better personalize a template, and as for advertising options. I believe, meeting certain criteria, offers an option.

    Let me cut to the chase.

    Before you spent a great deal of money learn as much as you can about how WordPress, as both a blog and and Content Management System, really works.

    Play with options. Think about the best use of widgets. Consider if you are a niche blogger or a generalist. Whip some of the free templates around. Consider getting the following premium options.

    Ability to work with CSS.
    Go for the no ads. option.
    Go for a space upgrade.
    Go for the a domain name upgrade. ( doesn’t have to be the one you really want.)
    Get a couple of premium templates.

    Now all that can be about a hundred bucks to 150 but it’s an investment that allows you to explore all of the options at, and learn what it can do. Then if you still want to hire some designer to do a personal site, you will be better able to state what you want, ask the right questions, and know what is possible. Designers can cost big bucks, so a little investment here, can save thousands if you decide to self host.

    I’m not affiliated with in anyway except I have blogs here. I also self host a blog.

    Now I’m not a designer, but I’ll tell you a little secret. A lot of designers use ready made white label purchased templates. They then tweak them a bit for personalization throw in some third party plug-ins and charge you 10 20 30 times the cost of the template.

    So it’s best to know the WordPress template and plug-in market. Look up Woo themes and go to ThemeForrest to see what’s out there for WordPress. Again, I’m not affiliated with these companies…just purchased some templates from them.

    I hope this helps. I hope you get my drift to start small but invest a few bucks to save big bucks down the road. And you need to play and work with the CMS.

    One other suggestion. You may want to check out another blogging option called Squarespace. Again, nothing to do with ’em…but I’ve used it.

    Anyway good luck.


    • Thanks for the advice!! This will really help me in making a decision on what to do with my blog! I just need “something” because it looks so boring now!

  2. Hi, welcome to the bloggy world! I have been at this for eight months now and those are very acute observations! Before you buy a domain name make sure you are in love with the name of your blog and the most successful blogs do not seem to have more than three words ever. Shoot me an email at any time!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    • Thanks for the welcome, Kelly!! I have “blogged” over at tumblr and blogger before coming over here, but wordpress is new to me. I still have my tumblr, but it’s got a different vibe than this. It will be a couple weeks before I buy a domain, so I have time to think a little. Until it’s something I absolutely love and isn’t taken. I just needed feedback from people who have been at this longer than me. I follow your blog and I really like it! Thanks again!

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