I ♥ Sundays

Hello from a rainy and cool Kentucky!

Today has been a great day mainly for these reasons:

  • The University of Kentucky Women’s basketball team won their first round game against Navy in the Women’s NCAA tournament! YAY GO LADY WILDCATS!
  • UNC is currently getting beat by Kansas, worse than my hometown team of WKU did. WKU only lost by 7 and at the time of this post, UNC is down by 14! 
  • I went to church this morning and although I was tired, it was a great service by our pastor!
  • I had nothing planned today, so I’ve been absolutely lazy besides going to church, out to lunch, and to the tanning bed.

I don’t really have much to say, but I figured a short Sunday post would be better than none. I’m going to get back to watching Florida beat Minnesota and browsing around the blog world. I hope you all have had a great weekend!


P.S. — I know it’s not super fancy, but I figured out how to show my little “About me” section with social media links, so check them out! They are also on my contact me page! My little baby blog is slowly growing into the blog I want it to be. Still searching for the perfect blog designer for me though!




6 thoughts on “I ♥ Sundays

  1. sometimes lazy Sundays are the best! March has been so snowy here, that I have been having far too many lazy days.
    I love that you did the Disney program, and that’s how you met your boyfriend!

    • Today it snowed all day, but none of it stuck!! Cold weather just asks for lazy days! I’m ready for warm weather so I can go outside and exercise!!
      The Disney College Program was by far one of my best life experiences!! We have had our rough patches because of distance, but somehow we make it through!! We took a cruise earlier this month and it was just what we needed. I really enjoy reading your blog and great name! haha 🙂

    • Thanks, Kristen!! I followed you back as well! 🙂 Lazy Sunday’s are the best until you realize that Monday is getting closer and closer! haha. Thanks for following! 🙂

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